Grant data

Data collected from student clinicians through the duration of this grant indicated variable results in success of implementation of various components of integration. Despite data variability, all sites and all students reported valuing the experience and the students’ contribution. All sites were willing to continue to be a site for the program and most students continued on to integrated care internships. Below are aggregate data from students across the 2016-2018 cohorts. 

Substance Use

Of the total 4599 client contacts, 1257 of those contacts were substance use-focused (27.33%). Specific sites varied from 11.53% to 51.92% of all client contacts being substance use focused. Variance is likely due to differences in the populations served by each primary care health center. 


Consultation, a representation of students’ team-based experiences, was measured by totaling the amount of contacts with providers about a patient’s care or presentation. There was a total of 1609 consultations over the 4 cohorts; 27.22% of these consultations were substance-use focused. There was an average of 114 consultations provided per student. This ranged from 39-310 contacts. 

Patients Seen

To evaluate the use of the brief visit model, our main calculation was the number of client contacts made per available hour. Available hours are the total hours on-site not including supervision and training. Overall, students saw .5778 clients per available hour, this ranged from .41-.77 clients per available hour.

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